Please remember to pay for your visit either before or after your appointment by calling or texting the office at 561-501-1633.

  • The office accepts most major insurances.

  • For people with no insurance or non-accepted insurances a flat fee of $100.00 will be charged for an Established Patient Visit and a flat fee of $150.00 for a New Patient Visit. Please remember to use your HSA or FSA cards if you have one.

A copay is a fixed out-of-pocket amount paid by an insured for covered services. Insurance providers often charge co-pays for services such as doctor visits or prescription drugs.

Not all medical visits require copayments from patients.

Out-of-network visits might have higher copays than in-network medical providers.

Deductibles are much larger sums than copays.

Copays and coinsurance are not the same things. Coinsurance is a percentage of the bill, a copay is a fixed amount.

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