During these challenging times, I hope you and your loved ones are safe. Please adhere to "social distancing": stay away from people in general, be cautious if/when you go out (only very small groups, less than 10 people), get your essential grocery shopping done, then head home. Practice social distancing, but not social isolation: Please call friends and family, email, internet videos, chat, and go for walks in your neighborhood (this is good exercise, also chance to say "Hi" to neighbors from 6 ft away, and deter potential crime in your area, ie "neighborhood watch"). Staying socially connected is so important right now and it is so nice to know that we are all here for one another, if not in person, at least in caring.

I have greatly adjusted how I am seeing patients in my office. I am offering telemedicine visits when possible and appropriate. When an in-office visit is necessary, the waiting room and exam room are set up for social distancing. In the exam room, only one person and the doctor or MA are allowed. Visitors are not allowed in the office.  No drug reps are allowed in my office. No individuals with respiratory tract infections are allowed in my office per hospital policies. All respiratory infections are treated via telemedicine as deemed appropriate. My elderly patients with other medical illnesses that must see a doctor can still be seen in my office safely. This might change over the next few days or weeks. However, for now, I do not want my patients especially the elderly, ill or frail patients randomly going to the hospital. This is taxing for the healthcare system as a whole and might cause more morbidity and mortality for everyone.

Daily, I’ve been communicating via group text and phone calls with a variety of over 20 doctors (medicine, cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, pathology, etc in different settings of private practice and group practice, and different parts of the US: NYC, California and Florida). I call in to the weekly FL DOH meeting to hear update from the FL Surgeon General. I am also attending web-based medical meetings regarding COVID-19, including ones with the PBCMS. I am a member of the FLHAN and get the fastest DOH and CDC updates. Us doctors are sharing what works and what is safe, not always agreeing, but in the end creating the best care methods during rapidly changing times. I promise I will continue to work hard for my patients.

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