Below are excerpts from some of my LOR's and MSPE. To see the official copies, view my application on ERAS. (Names are omitted for privacy reasons on this public website, all information is available at ERAS)

Testimonials from Residency...
"Hard working, motivated, polite"... "bright, capable and works very well as a team member." "Very good fund of Knowledge." "Solid job as an intern."
        -Program Director of Surgery,
            New York Medical College (Sound Shore)

"Very personable resident with a wide core of technical knowledge coupled with a fine sense of problem solving strategies."... "Genuine interest in seeking knowledge with a terrific work ethic"... "Excellent care and regard for all of his patients, co-workers, and other personnel"... "Persistent with his work, with excellent systematic and practical knowledge and great fortitude"

        -Chairman, Deptment of Surgery
            The Mount Vernon Hospital

"Responsible, hard working and performed his work in a competent and organized manner."... "congenial and regarded by all who have worked with him as a careful and caring doctor with good clinical skills."... "shows compassion for the patients and deals with them in a professional manner"... "clinical progress has been solid."

        - Chief of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care
            Sound Shore Medical Center of Westchester

Testimonials from my MSPE...
"did an excellent job earning a high pass or B+"... "Very enthusiastic and helpful"... "real team player"... "has all the tools to become a solid resident. Residents and attendings who worked with Michael were uniform in their praise 'an excellent student' 'hardworking and dependable'"... "can handle a lot more than we ask of students."
        - Medicine Core Clerkship
            New York Medical College (Sound Shore)

"Excellent fund of knowledge, very good presentations, mature, thinks clearly and is able to apply knowledge clinically. Deserves honors. Assumed great deal of responsibility at level of PGY-1"
        - Surgery Core Clerkship
            New York Medical College (Sound Shore)

"Exceptional student. Very hard working. Went above and beyond [in] assuming clinical responsibillity. Outstanding mastery of didactic material. Worked exceptionally well with staff and faculty.
        - Psychiatry Core Clerkship
            Danbury Hospital (NYMC program)

"Very hard working and thorough."... "Thoughtful, pleasure to work with. Presented patients well"... "excellent job of documentation in ED. Rapport is great with family, patients and staff"
        - Pediatric Core Clerkship
            Miami Children Hospital

"Puts in a lot of effort"... "Bright, mature and knows his basics."... "Professional rapport with staff, students, and desire to learn."..."Professional rapport with staff and patients alike. Pleasant personality."
        - Ob/Gyn Core Clerkship
            Coney Island Hospital

"Continued to demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills and a good fund of knowledge. He was a pleasure to supervise. He should be an excellent house officer."
        - Medicine Subinternship
            Norwalk Hospital (Yale affiliate)